The Chateau

GPS: 49°40’2.543″N, 15°24’27.110″E

In 2013, the chateau changed owners and the main task was to save the monuments in order to open the chateau to public in the shortest time possible. The aim was achieved in June 2014 when the chateau was opened. Exhibition of historical European glass, which is located in the newly renovated rooms of the Baroque wing of the chateau. At the same time at the chateau were opened two children’s expositions: The Kingdom of dolls and Fairy circle On Sázava river.

Since June 2015, visitors have an opportunity to visit several expositions of the chateau stands:

First circuit is dedicated to Exhibition of historical European glass where visitors can admire 1,100 objects created in time period from Baroque to the early 20th century. File comes from a unique collection of Decorative Arts in Prague and the extent and quality yet was never issued. Due to general reconstruction of the museum building in Prague its collections will not be accessible in Prague  in the coming years. Part of the Museum Světlá is an exhibition about the history of the city and its owners.

Second circuit consists of four expositions. There is Exposition of historical clocks, where visitors can admire precious clocks created from Baroque period to the 19th century. File comes from the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (UPM). The second part is Exposition of historical paintings and the last part is Exposition of historical sculptures, both rented from the Museum of Vysočina Třebíč.

Exposition Children’s Kingdom – Annually restored exposition for children with dioramas, castles models, dolls and other toys. In the children’s fairy circle On Sázava river visitors can get to know legends of Sázava region that are inspired by a book by Eduard Doubek in an interactive way.

Since 2017 season you can try our Exit Games with Ancient Greece theme. Escape rooms are ideal for families with children or groups of children aged 10-18 years. Exit Games are available only in Czech language.

There are events organised primarily for children (Day of children, World of toys) or for the whole family (Trčka´s celebration, SázavaFest, concerts, exhibitions, and other action) during whole season.

Visitors can also relax and refresh themselves in our coffee house Ladurée. You can use indoor spaces of the coffee house or outdoor seating in the courtyard or near chateau park. Drink menu consists of a big offer of coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate or punch in winter season. Visitors can enjoy desserts, cakes or ice – cream. Children´s corner is available for children.

Visitors can also see a winter garden with a waterfall and a small lagoon with turtles in the northern part of the castle. Entrance to the winter garden is situated in castle courtyard. There is a big English castle park (18ha) with ponds  around the castle.

The castle grounds are still under construction.

It is aimed for the castle to become a cultural center not only of the Highlands, but the entire Czech Republic.


June and September 10 – 17 hour Saturday and Sunday
  on order Monday - Friday
July and August 10 – 17 hour   Tuesday – Sunday
October – May on order Monday – Sunday


Entry fee:

Exhibition of historical European glass / Exposition of historical clocks, paintings and sculptures


130 Kč

Children to 15 years old

 65 Kč

Students, seniors

 75 Kč

Family ticket 

345 Kč

The exhibition tours are guided and they begin every hour (the first begins at 10 am and the last at 4 pm). The whole tour takes about 60 minutes.

Museum Světelska / First Republic rooms
Single ticket  60Kč


Exposition Children’s Kingdom


65 Kč

Children to 15 years old 

40 Kč

Family ticket 

185 Kč

Tel. 778 075 588 nebo 569 333 558

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