Chateau Park / Замковий парк

GPS: 49°40’0.889″N, 15°24’32.410″E

Chateau park was probably founded in times of extensive building and reconstructing work in 1871 by Count František Josef Salm-Reifferscheidt. Its area is approximatelly 16 hectares. Acccording to the trends of those times lots of romantic elements were constructed in the park: arbours, stone staircases, benches, cast-iron Devil´s bridge (by a locksmith Jakl from Světlá-Nové Město in 1884) above stone ravine under overflow of Horní rybník (upper pond), also Alpine rockery, stone overflows, pools with water-lilies and some foot bridges.

During totality regime the park was not maintained, although it was together with the castle registered in a list of relics in the 60´s of 20th century. Contemporary elements of romantic period dilapidated and were destroyed, the park overgrew and became desolated, instead of place for taking rest and relaxation the park became a jungle full of bushes.

After 1989 restitution claims of original owners were refused and till 1998 there was no physical owner of the park. The park became a property of the town and its reconstruction became a priority for municipal budget. Total sum invested was 12 million of CZK, half of this sum was paid by State environment facility. In the area of aproximatelly 8 hectars wild bushes were removed, 125 old and demaged trees were cut down and 80 stumps were removed. In 1999 water system and roads got renovated, new benches and waste containers were installed. The most demanding was reconstruction of both chateau ponds. Two bridges above newly built overflow were repaired at town´s expenses and also Rose arbour on the little island in Dolní rybník (lower pond) was reconstructed. Fund of Vysočina region contributed to reparation of a gate and a historical fence around the chateau.

With care of the town park's close and far surroundings are maintained for visitors of the town. Chateau ponds are maintained by a local organisation of fishermen association.

They both are trying to create and maintain good conditions for recreation of the citizens not only in the chateau park but also in its closest surroundings, that means also all waterfalls of the ponds above the park.


Замковий парк побудований у другій половині 19 століття займе туристів, захопить відвідувачів своїми чарівними закутками, кількістю лавок і містків, відновленими альпійськими горами і особливо романтичним Диявольським мостом над штучною ущелиною. Каскад замкових ставків пропонує купання влітку і є раєм для рибалок. Цей оазис спокою жителі міста використовують як місце відпочинку та релаксації. На краю парку стоїть пам'ятник засновнику чеського скаутингу А. Б. Свошику та ентузіасту-розвіднику поетові Дж. Волкеру.


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