Jewish Cemetery

GPS: 49.672178° N, 15.403169° E

Old Jewish cemetery was located in suburbs called Malá strana on the left bank of river Sázava near road to Lipnička. The plot was gifted to the Jews by Earl Kolovrat-Krakovsky. The cemetery was founded in 1742 and was used till 1886. The cemetery can be seen in a picture of Antonín Mánes dated 1832 and at the engraving attached to a town plane made by František Hradecký in 1847. Tombstones were removed during Nazi occupation and the cemetery was changed into a field.

New Jewish cemetery used to be situated in Komenský street. Its foundation was allowed by bishop´s consistory. People were burried here since 1887 till the beginning of the II. World War. In 1996 the cemetery  was claimed as real cultural relics by the Ministry of the Culture and the town started to renovate and regularly maintain the cemetery. Part of its free space was devoted to reverent meadow and a small isolated cinetarium. In the next year a new gate was built on the east side of the wall, relics of children bodies who died in the beginning of the 20th century were inserted into seven little wooden coffins and burried in a mass-grave and along cemetery walls were installed salvaged desk gravestones from Uhlířské Janovice. A stone pillaret in the middle of the cemetery says that no more Jewish descendants are going to be burried here.

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